Thoro-Vac G35

Product Code: G35

The Thoro-Vac Model G35 is a pet friendly unit.  With its high quality metal body, baked enamel finish, 2 stage 5.7"  756 Air watt Thru-flo motor,  quiet construction, user friendly body latches, pail handles and permanant body gasket.  It is sure to be the best selling central vacuum on the market.  The G35 features a hybrid feature of either using the self clean filter, or disposible bag option for optimized cleanliness.

Air Watts: 756

Water lift: 140.5"

CFM: 138

decibels: 55

amps: 14.5

voltage: 120v

Motor type: Flo Thru

number of motors: 1

turbines per motor: 2

diameter: 14.1"

height: 42.75"

canister capacity: 23.3L

bag capacity: 22L

Muffler: yes

Utility inlet: yes

Dual intake: yes

venting: optional

sq ft: 10000

Filtration principle: Hybrid filtration

Warranty: 10 years(100%parts & labor in store)+5 years 50%parts

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