Thoro-Vac G500DS

Product Code: G500DS

The G500DS has a large body, with self clean filter and disposible bag option. The Data Sync Technology when equiped with the Data Sync Hose, has communication between the hose and power unit, giving the customer an hour counter, 4 variable speeds, led light that indicates when to change the bag, or clean unit and filter, when to change the carbon dust filter, and when to service the unit.

Air Watts: 530

Water lift: 145.9"

CFM: 102.5

decibels: 71

amps: 14.3

voltage: 120v

Motor type: Tangential Bypass

number of motors: 1

turbines per motor: 3

diameter: 14.1"

height: 40"

canister capacity: 23.3L

bag capacity: 22L

Carbon dust filter: yes

Muffler: yes

Utility inlet: yes

Dual intake: yes

venting: optional

sq ft: 12000

Filtration principle: Self Clean Filter with optional disposable bags

Warranty: 15 years or 950 hours parts & labor

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