Thoro-Vac V18

Brand: Thoro-Vac
Product Code: V18

The Thoro-Vac Model V18 is a pet friendly unit.  With its high quality metal body, baked enamel finish, quiet construction, user friendly body latches, pail handles and permanant body gasket.  It is sure to be the best built central vacuum on the market.  The V18 can either use the self clean filter, or disposible bag option for optimized cleanliness.

Air Watts: 700

CFM: 122

Waterlift: 123

number of motors: 1

number of turbines: 1

motor type: Flo Thru

Sq ft: 5000

Decibals: 58

Amps: 12

Dirt Capacity: 17.4 liters

Height: 38.5"

Diameter: 11.9"

Filtration: self cleaning with disposable bag option

Muffler: No

Utility inlet: No

Dual intake: no

Warranty: 7 years 100% parts & labor + 5 year 50% parts total 12 years.

Supplier Vacuum Depot

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