Thoro-Vac DL100

Brand: Thoro-Vac
Product Code: DL100

The Thoro-Vac DL100 is a full Cyclonic unit.  Mostly designed for commercial application, but is a hit for consumers that want a cyclonic unit providing there are no shedding animals in the home, as cyclonic units are not pet friendly.

Air Watts: 535

Water lift: 124.6"

CFM: 115.8

decibels: 70

amps: 13.5

voltage: 120v

motor type: Tangential bypass

number of motors: 1

turbines per motor: 2

diameter: 14.1"

height: 46.5"

canister capacity: 41.8L

bag capacity: N/A

Muffler: yes

Utility inlet: yes

Dual intake: no

venting: required

sq ft: 8000

Filtration principle: True Cyclonic

Warranty: 10 Years parts & labor(commercial 1 year)


Supplier Vacuum Depot

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